These new Battlefront character models look incredible!

EA announced this week that the additional playable heroes and villains to be included with the initial release will be Han Solo, Princess Leia and Emperor Palpatine.

On the Hero side, Han will be your classic “run ‘n gun” type with a little extra oomf by virtue of Rapid Fire (fire as fast as you can pull the trigger and not overheat your blaster), Lucky Shot (a build up power shot that can take down vehicles) and Shoulder Charge (an offensive charge that can take out hordes of Troopers in one fell swoop). Han’s signature wit and charm hasn’t been left out either with smart arse emotes and comments to help round out your lone-wolf renegade Star Wars fantasies.

Also for the Heroes is Leia – everybody’s favourite royal rebel – but Leia is more of a support character, buffing players with Supply Drop (drops a variety of power ups and health boosts for ground troops near by), Enhanced Squad Shield (a bigger stronger shield for taking control of an area that can even withstand Force abilities) and her offensive move Trooper Bane (a power shot that can one-hit a Storm Trooper and put them down quickly). And if you’re lucky enough to spawn near Leia in the field you will become an Alderaan Honor Guard, giving you a little extra shield and power for the battle.

And lastly on the Villains side, Darth Sidious himself! Most likely the strongest villain in the game so far, Palpatine will have Force Lightning (the ultimate disco fingers that can take out surrounding troops with chained attacks), Force Dash (moving extremely quickly from one place to another for sneaky surprise attacks) and finally he can also drop boosts and power-ups for the Imperial Troopers on the ground. Rumour has it that when looking down your gun sight at Sidious across the map then having him suddenly standing right on front of you is quite the chilling experience. We can’t wait to see this in action!

We can only speculate what the future holds for further Heroes and Villains in Battlefront. Chewbacca? Lando? Obi Wan? Yoda? Who would you like to be in the Star Wars universe?

battelfront models

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