The latest in the Call of Duty series is proof that things can get better…eventually. COD has really lost most of its following over the last few years with Advanced Warfare being a barren and fruitless attempt for the franchise.

Black OPS III is the best COD in a long time, and really restores faith in good old fashioned come get some game play. There are enhancements and modernisation to the standard format however its not over the top and keeps the play quick and balanced.

There are nine Specialist categories to choose from as you progress through the PvP rank system that change the style and options of play. In the brief game play demo below, you will see two examples of these. The first is call sign Prophet and offers “Glitch” which allows a player to teleport to an earlier point in time allowing the player to either get away or surprise an opponent depending on the strategy at play. The other is call sign Ruin with “Gravity Spikes”. This feature allows you to send a powerful expanding shockwave that destroys everything in range.

Will this bring me back to COD? With so many good games coming out I can honestly say that I will play COD, and love it, but compared to those hardcore fan days it will never be the same. If I was a first time COD player then it would be easy to get engrossed in this with some mates and smash it out for hours and hours at a time.


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