‘Just Cause,’ is it a just cause, or something that’s about cause and effect, or more just because you can, and will jump on top of a plane and fire rocket launcher’s? I think its sort of all of those things. Think a South American ‘Expendable’s’ movie that pretends to have a story line so you can watch stuff being blown up at every opportunity to save the people and win the day. That’s ‘Just Cause.’

This game has been made to provide the player with as many opportunities to do every adrenaline fuelled ‘Expendable’s’ thing possible in a sand box environment that encourages chaos and destruction.

Is it perfect? I really like it for what it is. The main flaw would have to be when pandemonium is in full swing and its all gone crazy the game play can start to really labor. I am not saying that it happens every time, but it definitely does happen. Its then that you realise that the cereal that you bought that has all your fibre and energy requirements, plus that healthy sports star framed all over the box, is really just a sugary product that fills the hole and tastes good.

Its a exciting and really fun game that’s got action covered up to your exploding eye balls, that’s not ashamed to poke fun at itself or you really. Will it win game of the year, no, will it make you laugh and forget about your 9-5, definitely.


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