maxresdefault3To say we were extremely excited to play the new Battlefront when it came out would be a gross understatement. We played the beta – we loved it – but we thought it needed a little more ‘flesh’, and so reserved our full judgement for when the full release finally hit. We even admit to girlish squeals of joy when we all picked up the final release and couldn’t wait to get home and jam that disc into the console! Then, after the initial couple of hours of pew pews and swooshes, the slow realisation set in… They haven’t added anything deeper, there IS nothing else. It looks incredible… No wait, it looks incredulous! But can a game survive on fan-boy gas and good looks alone? Not one of us in the SNR crew has said since we first played it, “Hey, let’s play Battlefront!”. Not. One. Single. Player. One of us even took the game back for a refund. So what happened?

Did other games released around the same time take our attention instead? Yep. Was the shallow gameplay boring after a very short while? Yep. Did the lack of a single player campaign play a part? Yep. Did the hype and anticipation outweigh the reality? Hell yep! As you can see, there are many factors that can work against a release, but is that really all of it? Other AAA games have suffered the same ills as mentioned here but have gone on to become stalwarts, why not Battlefront? We wanted – no WISHED – it would be awesome enough to take up a huge chunk of our gaming hours but what we were actually left with is a deflated shell of what we thought it could be. So, it seems we’re still waiting for the ultimate Star Wars game… One thing is clear though – throwing billions of dollars at a game does not guarantee that it will be awesome and Battlefront has turned out to be to Star Wars games as the George Lucas prequels is to Star Wars movies. Good looking Bantha poodoo.

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