Sony announced this week that there will be PS2 emulation hitting the PS4 some time soon, and nerds like us squealed (quietly) with joy! Still the highest selling console in gaming history, the PlayStation 2 reigned over an impressive 13 years of development since it’s introduction in 2000. It was so popular in fact that Sony only discontinued production of the PS2 one very short month before announcing the PS4. Now that’s staying power!

A raft of seminal game franchises were introduced to us on the PS2 platform. God of War. Stuntman. Yakuza. Killzone. Psychonauts. Max Payne. Star Wars: Battlefront. Devil May Cry. Ratchet & Clank. Guitar Hero. And who could ever forget the Sony exclusives that changed the landscape forever – ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. These two games took gaming from pure point and shoot to fully fleshed out fantasy adventures that felt more like interactive movies than games. Large, epic and heart-felt, I would give anything to experience these two games again. They are truly things of beauty.

It goes without saying, I’ll be getting into these emulated games as soon as they’re available. Will you? Are games best left in history where they were or is it worth revisiting the classics? Sure, I expect some clunkiness and frustration, but the nostalgia behind some of the greatest games ever made is an attractive draw card. We’ll keep you posted on traveling down memory lane once the Doc finishes calibrating the flux capacitor in the Delorean.


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