Strengths: Lets be honest about this games greatest strength, its the fact you get to run around as your favorite Star Wars characters! Every time you step out as an iconic character there is a rush of excitement.

Weaknesses: There is no real customisation of game play that allows for deeper progression. No preference options to set up your gun the way you like, no specific attributes for your player, its a straight out of the box mass player appeal strategy.

Opportunities: Greater customisation, improved multiplayer co-op accessibility including being able to play with a group rather than the two player buddy system on offer. It will also be interesting to see what new characters and maps become available in the expansions.

Threats: Game play becomes stale, same same, no new guns, no ongoing progression that allows for any real challenge.

Overall, its a fun game, and die hard Star Wars fans will love it but unfortunately not entirely finished. A bit more clunk than funk at this stage.

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