We’ve all played COD, right? Ever thought you’d be good enough to beat the world?! eSports as a whole are gaining traction world wide and slowly grabbing a wider audience, and Activision didn’t want to miss the boat with their “most popular shooter” so they’ve kicked off the inaugural COD World League Championships this week to help cement their commitment to COD as an eSport. The final qualifiers are in full swing right now with teams battling it out to see who will play in the 11 week League. The weekly regional League matches will be held on local LANS in Australia, Europe and the U.S. with the World Championship showdown set to be smashed out in the States some time in March.

There are some extremely strong teams from the ANZ region mowing a path towards a chance at the record $3 million prize pool. On a local level though, it would be remiss of us to ignore the age old trans-tasman rivalry between Australia and New Zealand, but with only one Kiwi team (Team Immunity) in the ANZ mix, we’re afraid it’s going to be a David and Goliath effort to rise to the top of the regional ladder for our frunds across tha dutch. We’ll be keeping an eye on these guys for sure! Aussie teams that are in the mix so far include Mindfreak, The Chiefs, Tainted Minds, Apotheon, NV, Orbit and Exile5. We’ll keep you posted with results and leaderboards as the League plays out and we hope like hell that an ANZ team makes it through to the big game!

For more information on the League and the teams, click the attached link to hit the League’s official website. We’ll be posting the streaming times for the ANZ weekly matches for those of you that want to watch the action live and see what world level COD kickassery looks like. Go you Aussies! (and yeah, the Kiwis too!)


cod esport

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