BatcaveArtArkham Knight is getting fresh DLC throughout the end of the year with the added awesomeness of fan chosen modes and maps making their way into the Arkham Knight engine. The new skins and bat mobiles will be direct imports of the Nolan Batman and Batman vs Superman movies and we reckon it’s going to be pretty sweet to see the Batsuit from the Dark Knight series in full hi-res action!

Rocksteady has listened to the batfans on their forums by including for the first time the most asked for maps and modes from older Arkham games, bringing them into the new-gen juiciness of Arkham Knight. Wayne Manor, the Batcave and the Sanitarium are all making an appearance in new Predator challenges. What has fans really excited though is a brand new mode called Endless Knight – a variation on Predator mode – whereby endless waves of harder enemies keep coming until you meet your untimely demise… How long will you last? With leaderboards and the like, this could be a batload of fun.

You may have given up on the bat and moved on to other games since then, but is there time to go back and get some fresh challenge from an incredibly awesome game? Hell yes!

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