HADOUKEN! If my parents only knew how much of their hard earned cash they’d unknowingly spent on Street Fighter during my youth they may have been better off just buying me my own cabinet and sticking it in my room! They would have come out in front.

With the Street Fighter series finally making the jump to next-gen with it’s 5th installment, us fans are expecting big things. The February 16 release date is just round the corner for PS4 and PC users but commiserations go out to the Xbox One fans with Capcom confirming that SFV will never be released on that platform. Ever.

Most of our favourite fighters will be making an appearance in this version but what’s really got fight fans salivating is four brand new characters added to the roster! The new members include F.A.N.G: A ranged fighter that deals poison, Laura Matsuda: A Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu expert with lethal takedowns, Rashid: A middle-eastern mercenary that uses the wind and finally, Necalli: A mystic shapeshifter that can use the earth beneath him to his advantage. We can’t wait to see what new punishing moves will be available with these new characters and the back stories that come with them.

So get your button mashing mates ready for battle because Street Fighter V looks like it’s going to be a worthy addition to the series! There is a side note here though… Everybody’s other favourite fighter, Mortal Kombat, made it’s debut on next-gen in April last year and was met with a fairly luke-warm reception. Street Fighter V will need to be pretty impressive to rise above the short comings of Mortal Kombat X to become the ultimate fighter. Bring it!


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