As promised SNR have been staying up late playing The Division beta to determine what this new game has on offer.
As we started our noobmobile everything was obviously new and exciting, “what does this button do, how do you aim”, pretty much the general “what’s the cocker spaniel?”
I can say the game felt good, not as polished as the E3 publication (surprise!) but still at a level that promotes the potential for great things.
If you are familiar with Destiny’s perpetual loot of weapons, gear and skill upgrades then you will know what to expect with this game. The beta provided just enough taste of the array of customisation and diversification available to understand there will always, always, and always be better stuff to collect.
There was really only one story mission on this beta which was a little annoying, however the easy and hard modes allowed players to step it up a notch as their characters progressed.
Game play consists of third person shoot, duck and weave with plenty of flanking moves to finally complete the kill shot and say “BOOM its all over sucker!” It really requires sequenced, step by step moves to work your way through the battles as your avatar can not lay horizontal or do the classic slide in and out of game play.
In addition to the story mission was the Dark Zone. This area allowed an open world of multiple players to collect loot from killing A.I. baddies. Once you had your stash, you or your team would call a helicopter to collect the loot. This then would provide an opportunity for other players / teams to go rogue and try and kill you, and steal your loot before pick up. This was OK…., it could have been better. There just wasn’t enough baddies or players to keep it (at this stage) overly interesting.
Between a few basic side missions and The Dark Zone the beta seemed a little too empty. If you are into cardio fitness then this beta would have been for you because outside of the story mission you ran more than anything else. To be fair I am sure the actual game will be filled with content but for the beta it wasn’t enough to keep you occupied for the whole period.
That said it is only a beta, and only allows a small opportunity for gamers to get a feel for the game. I personally think its got some legs when considering the following:
1) customisation and gameplay was there and provided some depth,
2) co-op worked well and was easy (really easy, think Destiny easy),
3) framing and graphics were not Battlefront, but they were not Rainbow  Siege either. Definitely next gen.
Overall I want to know more and will be investing my hard earned clams into this come 8 March.



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