YABBA DABBA DIE! Did you ever watch the Flintstones when you were younger and wish there was way more violence? I mean c’mon, these were Prehistoric men, there should have been at least some clubbing, right? Well Ubisoft may finally have the answer to your twisted childhood fantasies (you sicko).

Far Cry: Primal is an ambitious departure from the Far Cry norm that takes us back 12,000 years to the Mesolithic period. Back to a time when Humans were just starting to give up the ever-roaming Nomadic lifestyle for settling into permanent Villages as a unit. Different tribes co-settling into an area with abundant resources naturally caused friction and conflict between them, and with your very survival on the line, the stakes were high. It’s this aspect of Human evolution that Ubisoft have chosen to explore with Primal. And it looks damn good!

Gone are the traditional FPS luxuries such as guns, vehicles and gadgets. In place you have an arsenal of primitive tools and weapons at your disposal to deliver you a Prehistoric experience like none before. Crude clubs, Bows, Spears and projectiles will be swung, flung and thrown at colourful warring tribes and humungous Ice Age animals. Also gone are any large scale buildings and structures, it’s just you, your tribe-mates and a big heaping helping of Nature.

And speaking of which, Nature will play a huge part in not only the story and surroundings but also the core mechanics of the game. After meeting a Shaman who has you tripping balls in his Hut from one too many hallucinogenic jungle juices, you gain the ability to utilise the abilities of wild animals you encounter along the way. See through the eyes of an Owl. Use the stealth of a Leopard. Ride a freaking Sabre Toothed Tiger! A handy skill indeed and we can’t wait to see how this affects the gameplay.


Watch the following video on how the developers went the extra mile in creating a whole new language for the world of Primal based on what experts already know about ancient languages. If anybody has been doubting the depth of this game and dismissing it as “just a mod of Far Cry 4”, Ubisoft sure have gone to a cave-load of trouble to only deliver a mod and map pack. Sure the engine is the same and the mechanic is basically the same, but this is a fully fledged version of Far Cry as big as any in the series.

Become the modern stoneage family of your dreams from Feb 23.

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