Bethesda Softworks have announced they will be releasing Doom 4 this May 13th and by the look of things its going to be a blood bath of fun. The game has been developed by ‘id Software’ who gave us other games such as ‘Wolfenstein’ and ‘Quake’.

For those not familiar with the game, its a first-person shooter where you play a space marine whose main job is to kill as many demons and undead as possible. Lots of heavy machine guns, double barreled mini guns, chain saws and head splitting shot gun action. You know, the good stuff.

It will also have a multiplayer gameplay with various modes to keep you entertained with your mates. It should give players a chance to take a breath from killing demons and try sort out some friendly anxieties instead.

A new feature now allows players to design their own maps. I know there were some very creative maps on ‘FarCry 3’, so I can only imagine applying the same possibilities to this type of game.

This year appears to be levelling up (yes, levelling up) with many great games on the horizon. Only problem now of course is time and enough snacks.


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