The phrase “back in the day” gets thrown around a lot in many genres but not so much in gaming. If, however, you were asked to reflect on your gaming experiences, what would be your “back in the day” gaming memory?

As a member of SNR, I can’t speak for all of us, but for me personally it would have to be when the hard choice was between the Nintendo 64 and the PlayStation 1. Back then you had the new player on the block being Sony’s PlayStation 1 (released 1994), and the established power house of Nintendo releasing their new Nintendo 64 (released 1996).

For me it was no contest because back then I was a Nintendo fan through and through (come on next gen console!). There were two key games that stood out for me on the Nintendo 64.  The first was Super Mario 64. This game just blew me away, and must be mentioned because it could be its own “back in the day” story. It was easily the first real attempt at an open 3D platform game, and one of the reasons I was so strongly supportive the of Nintendo 64 console.

The second would have to be Golden Eye. Golden Eye was great on its own merits. What really makes it a “back in the day” gaming memory for me though, was when my friends and I would set up both the PlayStation and Nintendo consoles in the same house. Five to ten guys in each room all with distinct views on which console was better, and which game.

In the Nintendo room was Golden Eye. It’s hard to imagine today, but back then we had four controllers playing split screen on a 34cm TV. Think about that, that’s just over 13 inches. Most T.V.’s now are easily 55 inches and that’s no way a big TV.


Back then no one knew better, or even cared, because they were so intently focused on playing multiplayer Golden Eye, and it was awesome! This was my first introduction to co-op game play and I believe it’s why I still love that interactive chat and online gameplay with friends today.

I would of course occasionally check out the other room and queue up for a turn on Mortal Combat, and don’t get me wrong, it was great. At the end though, I always I ended regretting losing my place in the only queue that mattered, Nintendo 64 Golden Eye. “Back in the day for sure”.





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