Matterfall is an exclusive PlayStation 4 title due to be released later this year by Finnish developer Housemarque.

At this stage Housemarque are still keeping many details of this game close to their chest. At their press conference the game was introduced as “Crystalline shapes that are summoned mid-air are a staple of technology in this world and you must overcome an ever expanding threat that might have already seeped too far into the core of humanity itself”.

What we do know about this game is that the “ever expanding threat” is known as “Smart Matter”. Smart, scary matter makes sense, I cannot imagine dumb matter trying to take over the world. Well, not unless that dumb matter takes the shape of a certain politician…. I am not saying who. Everyone gets to feel included, even if your opinion is crazy; hmm what politician….

The red crystal “Smart Matter” can take the shape of various enemies along the way, as well as being the primary foe in an overall “I am the one” kind of way.  Frank (lets call you Frank), is a nimble action hero, who uses his acrobatic skills and agilities in a battle for the survival of the human race. Frank is able to manipulate the (not so smart because I just made you do what I want)  “Smart Matter” into objects such as platforms and tools to traverse your way throughout the game.

Game play will not be a first person shooter, or have top down game play either, with Housemarque hinting it may be a third person shooter. They are being very allusive on this subject. The trailer and style of game play suggests third person, but we will have to wait and see.

This game will follow a logical progression of the arcade spirited game play style of Housemarques previous titles such as Resogun and Super Stardust. I have enjoyed their previous titles and look forward to seeing which direction this game will take them. The goal for Frank in this game is to be smart enough that he lives to be something that matters.




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