How good was Bad Company 2. When will DICE make a Bad Company 3? Apparently they haven’t started to make it due to the fact that they can’t pinpoint what the fans liked so much about the original games.

DICE boss Karl-Magnus Troedsson said that this caused something of a problem, when you want to make a sequel, the last thing you want to do is ruin a franchise, making fans disappointed.


The reason I played countless hours of BC2 would have to be its massive multiplayer maps with sheer simplicity, beauty and awesomeness. It had enough content to not seem unfinished but also it wasn’t overwhelming with guns, perks and unlocks compared to today’s Battlefield games, just 4 simple classes to choose from with 4 man squads with the standard battlefield game modes like conquest, rush and squad death match. It also had an array of vehicles like tanks and quad bikes to name a few. And the campaign mode never took itself too seriously and at times was hilarious, with story lines to match the unorthodox main characters.


So can we expect to see a new Bad Company soon? And can DICE keep the fans happy with a 3rd Installment? Time can only tell. I for one certainly hope so.

Lets get back in the Bad Company mood with this Bad Company 2 montage. Source Threatty

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