Welcome to Shoot N Repeat fellow gamers!

We’re a small network of friendly and knowledgeable gamers, sharing news, reviews, updates and experiences on all things game. Though our name might suggest it, we’re not just about shooting games. We are for all types of game!

We’re not industry moguls, we’re not in the biz – we’re just regular people with regular lives that happen to love gaming as much as you. We’ve been here since Pong (look it up kids) and we’ll probably be here till our thumbs stop working.

In addition to www.shootnrepeat.com we have several mediums to share our passion for gaming with you.

Our Shoot N Repeat Facebook Page is where we share our own memes, all our own articles and post our own vids.


The Shoot N Repeat Facebook Community is where we encourage you to engage with us and each other. Post your gameplay. Post gaming related stuff you find. Ask questions. Start discussions. Talk about all things gaming.


On Instagram we predominantly post gaming related memes. They are generated from our personal gaming experiences and are ever expanding. Feel free to explore and utilise our library of scenarios for your own use.


Our Twitter account is a quick reflection of much of our material, and provides an easy go to point for people to access a large quantity of our content.


Lastly, our YouTube channel for all our vids.


The choice is yours on how you continue to enjoy all that we offer on all things game. We love gaming just as much as we know you do, and we’d love to have you on board. Game on!

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