Gaming phrases and terminology over the years has evolved into a language of its own. Player vs Player (PVP) and the like could now be considered the norm, but the continued adaptation of gamer language sometimes leaves us asking, “uh, mate what does that mean..?”

For us here at Shoot N Repeat, our language has definitely been in a constant state of flux. The personalities we play with, the varied games being played and random chat party  stories all have influenced what is being said in our own special way.

For those not indoctrinated, our conversations can go something like this;

One of the SNR crew starts up a chat party “G’day mate what’s the Cocker Spaniel?”  The responses are always excited and generally straight to a discussion on gaming.
“Hey! I am good thanks, want to play The Division?”
“For sure, though, I was fully mangled in the Dark Zone last night.”
“Full Alby?” Because you need to know the extent of the mangle of course.
“Yeah, I was full Alby Mangled.”
“Mate, I Ranger that Stacey, I was in there the other night too, and just as I was about to extract my gear I was Wesley Sniped.”
“That sucks,  I need to level up I think. Not enough Curry.”

So what does all that mean in the world of Shoot N Repeat? Like many of the below examples, there is no real logic to these. They just happen organically. There  are many variations to all, so I will focus on the most common.

Cocker Spaniel: This phrase has nothing to do with the actual dog breed, why would it, that would make sense.

  1. As a Greeting: “What’s the Cocker Spaniel?
  2. To Attack: “Cocker the Spaniel out of that guy”
  3. Difficulty of play, or how you played: “The Spaniel was fully Cockled”
  4. Agreement: “That Cocker was Spanieled”


Alby Mangled: This evolved over time from the phrase mangled, and associates the phrase perfectly with the iconic Australian action man of the 80’s Alby Mangels.

  1. Desperation: “Help I am being Alby Mangled”
  2. To Kill: “I just Alby Mangled that dude”
  3. Obliterated: “That was the Full Alby”
  4. Intention: “Lets Alby this level”


Ranger that Stacey: Another iconic Australian T.V. personality. Stacey presented interesting facts about animals on a kids show called  “Agro’s Cartoon Connection”.

  1. Confirmation: “Ranger that Stacey”
  2. Warning: “Ranger danger that Stacey”
  3. Require Assistance: “Agro Down, Ranger that Stacey”
  4. Impressed: “Stacey that was a full Cartoon Connection”
Curry: A cuisine originating from India that has taken on an Aussie flavour.
  1. To Attack: “Bring the Curry”
  2. Under Attack: “These guys have heaps of Curry”
  3. Frustration: “How much Curry can these enemies take”
  4. Winning the battle: “Give them the Curry, go full Vindaloo”


Wesley Sniped: Taken from the actor Wesley Snipes who played New Jack City villain Nino Brown. Classic.

  1. Being Shot by a sniper: “I am being Wesleyed”
  2. Shoot from afar: “Lets hang back and Wesley Snipe”
  3. Cheap Shot: “Look out there is a Wesley”
  4. Making a Good Shot: “Wesley head shot”


The list could seriously go on to more game specific examples such as from The Division. In that particular game we refer to the first aid support stations as a Jiz Box, or Jiz Cannon. Within a heartbeat of the Jiz Box taking form, the phrase  “jiz me” became the term to receive first aid from someone

As you can now tell there is an assortment of influences used in the various examples given. The references are broad, and sometimes can be a little vulgar but they are always game appropriate.

Just remember:

  • when someone tells you there is a Wesley, get some cover;
  • if they ask you What’s the Cocker Spaniel, tell them how you are; and
  • if they tell you to bring the Curry, ask if it requires the full Alby, and if it does, make sure it’s Vindaloo.

Make sense? Ranger that Stacey.






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