For those not familiar with Borderlands by 2K Games, it is a game that has many fanatical fans world wide. The game is set on a world called Pandora and has endless activities, loot, weapons and characters throughout. What really makes Borderlands (I am getting to Battelborn, chill Winston) so great and memorable is the personality of the game.  It has a unique humor, and the choice of making the game appear like cartoon art work, presented something different which made it enduring.   Ever since Borderlands release, 2K Games have been trying to replicate that winning formula.

Battleborn is the next attempt to produce a Borderlands 3.0 (see I got there). Starting up the noob mobile, you can easily see the influences of Borderlands in this game. The setting, cartoon like characters, and of course tongue in cheek humor for shaza.

What do you actually do in this game? Geez, such a snappy chappie! The game is a first person shooter where (on the beta) there were two main modes to choose from. The first is a multiplayer battle arena mode where you jump in as a co-op team and battle against other teams. There were a couple of variations to this, but if you are familiar with any multiplayer games then that’s your answer, only more kid style game play.

What is new with this game however is the leveling system, which resets every time a match begins. Every player starts off in a noob mobile, all on the same basic level, all only with half a Cocker Spaniel. It is only during the game that players unlock the various skills as they level up. I did like the way they approached this, as it gave everyone an even level, to level up. It is seriously on the level.

The other mode is the campaign and this is where Borderlands 3.0 comes in. Here you have the choice to play the story cooperatively or by yourself. The only problem I found was that when playing solo, the levels didn’t appear to be scaled to only me and my choice of solitary existence.

The boss fights formulate into the arena style game play which is the running theme and intent of how this game is set up. In these sections of the game, I easily had the impression that I could be playing from a top down perspective. By this stage of the game your character will have progressed enough to have unlocked your various skills, and this is where the game can get really good. Everyone doing their thing, working together with their strengths and weaknesses, in a good old fashion multiplayer battle arena where the objective is to a kill the big baddie in the middle.

My main criticism of the game would have to be it is a little to shiny and plastic. I like shiny, and I like plastic, especially in the form of figurines still in the box. The shiny plastic feel of the characters and world in the game make it feel a little too juvenile. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the game, but if you buy it thinking it is going to be dark and stormy then I have to warn you, it’s going to taste more like a frozen Coke.

The personality is there, the game is fun, and I could play it for hours no problem, but it has lost its addictive qualities. I think if you are a Borderlands fan you will get this game, it really builds upon the universe, however be mindful that the elements that always brought you back are missing.  For hardcore players, the really grumpy ones who snap at anyone near their vicinity with “don’t talk to me because I am playing!!!” I recommend not bothering at all.

Does it live up to the title of Borderlands 3.0? I would say maybe, it makes me laugh and is fun to play but the beta leaves me uncertain. The two games are definitely related. Unfortunately this new installment feels like a distant relative, you know you should invite them to your wedding, you feel obligated, but you don’t really wont to spend money on them.




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