I loved playing Doom as a kid. Absolutely loved it. Unfortunately the new Doom multiplayer leaves me wondering why oh why Delilah did you do that? It may as well be a poorly remastered early 90’s game.

Forget the campaign in this review because that is the full lamb chop and what everyone has been waiting for. The problem however for me with this game is the multiplayer. I did not sign up to play an old game, I wanted something new and polished.

The textures and graphical improvements are really dated and a little embarrassing. The map designs are again dated, limited open area and choke points,  demonic references that look like they were cut and pasted on by an intern.

Gameplay movement is fluent, but give me a reload, give me a power slide, or even the option to run properly. Overall the gameplay is shallow and again, dated. When you kill someone it just does not feel satisfying. If you manage to pick up a demon spawn, then you would know what it is like to run around as a sack of overpowered meat.

Watching the promotional video again, it leaves me wiping off the drool of anticipation from my chin. The reality of the multiplayer is far removed from this. I could understand if they added a retro gameplay feature as an option, that would be fun….as an option.  Unfortunately the final product of the Doom multiplayer is a big disappointment. It just tarnishes the overall quality of the campaign and leaves me feeling that this beer has gone warm.







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