Forget the multiplayer, we all know Shoot N Repeat’s view on that…Doom Da Doomed. Doom’s campaign however is where the action is, and it seriously goes BOOM! I was praying to the demonic gods for Bethesda Studios to make a good Doom game, and they have delivered. This game is the first person shooter (FPS) that my pile of dead chickens were scarified for.

It is gory, I mean really really head popping, arm breaking, brain stomping gory. The game play actually encourages you to kill melee execution style known as “Glory Kills”.  I cannot remember the last time I was stressed and excited so much in a game. I seriously could not stop yelling BOOM!

The old school feel of Doom is there, with classic, but simple movement options such as climbing up ledges, crouch and double jump (it does come). It is the old Bruce Willis meeting his younger self in the movie Looper. He understands the origin, he remembers what he loved, what mistakes he ever made, but he now has a chance to do things differently. Actually, doesn’t Bruce Willis kill himself and end his own loop? Doom is Marty trying to get back to 1985. No, its like the young John Connor knowing his future self, and the fate of the world. Oh you know what I mean…

The pace of this game is fast, Doom goes Boom, I just cannot stop saying that. The selection of weapons and pace of the game requires you to pick your moments. Get in close and BOOM with the shot gun. Running out of ammo, saw a demon in half for increased drops of health and ammo. Alternatively, step back and shoot some plasma in their face (in your face demon!), while you  rhythmically manoeuvre your way around the map to gain the upper hand.

The game does have some reprieves, with outside areas and levels to explore, air ducts to crawl in, railings to jump on or over, and loot to discover. Don’t worry though, there are plenty of opportunities to tear a demons arm off and beat it to death. It might seem strange, but it really is fun and enjoyable.

For some this will seem a little left off centre,  over the top and gory. For me this is surprisingly fresh, in its homage to the old school FPS origins, and modern game advances. I could not stop smiling while playing this game. It plays well, it’s fast, exciting, balanced and addictive. If it somehow tasted like rib sauce, I would be in heaven.




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