Gaming has become embedded in so many aspects of our lives that the ostensible truth is, we take it for granted. For me personally, it has been a part of my life for so long that I have to occasionally stop, and put on some fresh eyes (not the fake eyes Homer Simpson wears at court) to really look at my surroundings. When I do that,  I realise how much gaming awesomeness (yes babe stuff) I have acquired.

I am sure you understand what I am saying here, you too have your Atari’s, Nintendo Entertainment System’s, Nintendo game and watches (Donkey Kong!), Game Boy’s, Sega’s and PlayStation’s all boxed and stored safely in the cupboard. Right? Of course they occasionally come out to play, but for the most part they take up space either in storage, or on display, for the sole purpose of just having them. There is no talk of selling any of it, ever!


On top of the systems are the current games, figurines (I am staring at Batman right now), limited edition cases, and the boxes they all come in. I have a cupboard of empty boxes ready to carefully fill once I finish with this generation of gaming goodies. As a side note, I did throw away a box once, it haunts me to this day….

For the most part, this accumulation just happens, in my brain this is what you do. I love games and everything associated with it, so I buy it, play it, collect it, love it. Our collective purchasing is definitely making someone happy. Approximately $160 billion dollars was spent last year on gaming. Holy pop tarts! No wonder Mario keeps trying to save Peach, there is gold at the end of her rainbow (that sounded a little weird).

Think about even skateboard decks. For people not sure what a skateboard is, it is a device that requires skill and practice to use, you may have seen them breaking scooters at skate parks. When I was a lad, running 100km’s to pick up the milk etc. (I sound like grandpa Simpson), kids rode skateboards. Besides the proficiency of your abilities on the deck, another key aspect of any respectable skater was the image they had on their deck. For me I had (it is not hard to guess) gaming images.


The reach of gaming has influenced so much of what we spend our money on. From skateboards to reading glasses, there is something for everyone.  I will more than likely look around again soon and realise “I have a lot of stuff!” It is a vicious cycle that my cupboard space will just have to somehow accommodate. I know there is profit to be made in what we buy, but if you love it, then who cares, because it has value and benefit to you. We don’t really stand a chance with some much targeted marketing. My good friend Yogurt from Space Balls was a wise man (thing), and even he had nothing on the gaming industry, and he had a flame thrower!






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