Rocksteady Studio’s have come out strong at this years E3 expo with news they will be releasing a new Batman Arkham Virtual Reality (VR) game. The game will be exclusive to PlayStation (console wars), which is a huge Batman powered boost to the credibility of PlayStation’s VR.

Rockysteady Studio’s lives and breathes great Batman games, so much so that Time Warner saw their value, and purchased the studio back in 2010. Founders Sefton Hill and Jamie Walker’s success has been their ability to draw fans into the Dark Knight’s world. The introduction of VR gaming provides a new opportunity to complete their quest for full immersion into the Batman persona. Players will be looking at themselves in the game screaming “NO, I AM BATMAN!!”

The opportunities presented by VR have allowed them to explore in new depth, the detective prowess of Batman. The personality, gadgets and fighting skill of Batman remain (I am Batman!), but now with VR, the view has literally changed.


Rocksteady Studio’s have designed this game completely from scratch as a VR game. Sefton Hill explained that “from day one, minute one, this is a VR experience. It’s completely around leverage and what is completely unique about VR. That sense of presence and being, and then applying that where you are not actually just in this environment, but you are Batman in this environment.”

I know, nerdgasm! He went on to say “it feels really special to be in this environment and become Batman.”  Imagine it gaming peeps.

The game will be available on day one of the PlayStation VR’s release, and is easily one of the best surprises from this year’s E3. If you can’t tell, I am a little excited about this game (imagine if it sucked) and have already booked my annual leave to remove myself from the real world into the virtual, and all that VR has to offer. I will be Batman (again)!


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